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Log Line

Three friends are out west pursuing their shared dream of making it as actors. When hearts, limbs, and self confidence are broken, friendship prevails.

Genre:                    Comedy

Audience:              Young Adults 

Length:                  3 x 8min. Eps.

Budget:                  $8k


Hapless out of work actor, Rylan, is down on his luck and facing pressure from all angles. The strongest of these coming from his over bearing father who wants him to come back to reality on the family farm in Saskatchewan. With help from his roommates, Aadila and Eric, (who have more than enough issues of their own to deal with) Rylan must navigate the turmoils of a failing career, a broken heart, and an ongoing inner battle to stand up for himself and learn to fight for what he wants. With Aadila destined for stardom, Eric coasting in neutral, and Rylan teetering on the brink of giving up, will they be able to manage love, auditions, and chaos?



This guy's a mess. He's an out of work actor still living under his father's thumb. He makes his living dressing up like a clown and being slapped and bossed around by babies at their birthday parties. He is all too willing to date a girl who handles more salami than your local butcher. All in the name of chasing his dreams.


A working actor on the cusp of making it big. Sometimes blissfully unaware of the things happening around her, Aadila will go as far as she allows herself to.


This guy is never afraid to share his opinions on the news of the day while simultaneously remaining completely blind to his own flaws.


A leader in the "love yourself" movement, Tyler is his own biggest fan. And...well... you'll see.



By utilizing the newest technologies in film equipment, we are able to achieve the highest levels of cinematic quality. The film will be shot on an Ursa Mini production camera which will allow Stick & Move to be screened in theatres anywhere around the world.


Our crew features seasoned working professionals and emerging talents alike. The crew's  portfolio includes Supergirl, The Flash, Once Upon a Time, numerous feature films, a handful of film festival entries, and a youtube channel with over 10 million views.


The film will be shot in various locations around  Vancouver, BC. Thank you to our budding local partnerships, we have secured top-notch facilities to ensure Stick & Move will have the appropriate backdrop to build the world of the story. 

Directed by
Connor Lang

Canadian born and bred, Connor began making films when he was 10 years old. It was an immediate love affair and he has been pursuing the craft tirelessy since. His goal is to be directing films that showcase emotionally dramatic narrative plot lines that intersect with explosive spectacle... and apparently this show...?

His passions include writing, time with loved ones, and soaking in the beauty of the great outdoors.



Stick & Move will be submitted to dozens of nation wide and international film festivals. The genre and theme of the short fit the guide lines of a wide rang of possibilities in the festival circuit and part of the film's budget will be put aside for entrance fees.


The crew consists of both local and nation wide talent. Some crew members have been working together for the past 5 years on a variety of creative ventures. The team also includes some new faces that bring in a specific professional edge.


The project will be heavily promoted leading up to its release.The cast totals over 250k impressions a week on Instagram alone. The creative process will be documented and shared with the audience, exposing the real lives of the cast and crew.



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